Frequently Asked Questions

Will a beginner, with absolutely no knowledge of github, gain anything fruitful?

Yeah,definitely. The organization is meant to assist the beginners grow in the field of development. We’ll have distinct projects appropriate both for beginners as well as the accolades and thereby we’ll make sure that each and every participant gets to learn something new from the projects he or she is contributing for.

Is there any registration fee?

No, there is no registration fees for participation. It is absolutely free of cost.

Any age limit for participation?

No, there is no age limit for participation in GSSoC. It is open for all.

How (mode) will we receive the prizes(if won) and certificate?

We’ll be providing all the participants with the digital certificate.The prize money to all the concerned students will be sent to their bank accounts.We’ll ask for the bank account details via an email after the conclusion of the event.

By what time will the result come?

The results will be declared by 15th June 2019 right after the conclusion of the event.

What minimum conditions should the project satisfy?

There are no such conditions that the projects need to satisfy.The mentors can propose the idea in any field that they specifically expertise in.

Is it strictly for girls or can boys also participate?

GirlScript aims to assist anyone who is new in the field of development and it specifically supports an inclusive environment. Thereby GSSOC is open both for girls and for boys . Everyone can participate and contribute their part in the development of open source community and our initiative.

From where do we need to start being a beginner as of now so as contribute properly in the projects?

We’ll be providing you with the links on our official website to start with Github and various other development to make sure that everyone is able to aptly contribute for the projects.