Scoring Criteria

 We hope that you all are already well aware of GirlScript Summer of Code 2019 now and that we are able to come to the expectations of each and every participant. We would like to grasp this opportunity to inform you all regarding the scoring criteria of GSSOC’18.

Guidelines for Students

To promote our aim of providing assistance to beginners in the field of development  we have specified no selection criteria for the participants.The team encourages every participant to contribute to the projects in howsoever form they can.
Participants will be provided with relevant materials to help them get started with open-source contributions.
From 1st June 2018 to 22nd June 2018 the participants would get the exquisite opportunity to interact with mentors and admins of projects to discuss ideas and issues they wish to work on.
Participants are free to choose the project they wish to contribute to during the SoC but the claiming of issues would be on first come first served basis.
Participants can contribute to multiple projects so as to get in the flow of the open source environment
The contribution period will commence from 23rd June 2018.

Guidelines for Mentors and Admins

Call for projects is open till 1st June. All those seeking for contributors for their projects can submit their projects before the mentioned deadline.
Apart from above project ideas from mentors, GSSOC’18 will include the  development of websites for various NGO organizations and Open web literacy programs.
All the project will be associated with the labels clarifying the skill sets required to be able to  contribute to the project.This is done so as to make it easier and much more feasible for participants to make pull requests in the proposed projects.
All the mentors will be required to maintain a leaderboard which would contain the evaluated performances of the contributors of their respective projects.The points on all the leaderboards would be jointly considered for the final evaluation.
The Admins of the projects will be responsible for final structuring of websites and helping the participants and mentors to work coherently
Mentors are supposed to give biweekly evaluations of their respective mentees to their respective project admin and the organizing team.
The final evaluation would be done by the Organizing Team of GSSOC’18 on the basis of submissions by the mentors and the results would be declared by 30th August 2018 soon after the conclusion of the event.
We expect that this journey of ours would culminate  into a learning and knowledgeable experience and would suffice the expectations of one and all.